Dear visitors,

We have opened entries to the 2021 Gyula Pálinka Festival for applications of commercial activities.

Applications and entries are to be made via e-mail at:


Organizer of the event:

Magyar Gasztrokulturális Rendezvényszervező Kft.

5600 Békéscsaba, Szarvasi út 79.


Exhibitors, vendors, program, press:

Tímea Varga-Bora

☎️ +36 30 436 69 74



Brillante – 2021 distillate competition:

Adamik Anikó

☎️+ 36 30 522 16 79



Co-organizer of event:

Civils for Health Tourism and for the Preservation of our Cultural Heritage Fund


Locale of the event:

5700 Gyula, Várkert street 1.



Information in the public interest:

Entry fee for the event.

Entrance is free for children under 10 years.


It is forbidden to bring food and drink to the event area.

Children under the age of 18 are not served with alcoholic beverages.

No complaints will be accepted after leaving the cashier.

Video recording will be made at the event.

Area under surveillance.

The ticket not redeemable/cannot be redeemed for a daily ticket and non-transferable.

The damaged and improperly fitted wristbands will be taken and destroyed by our staff.

Replacement is only possible with the re-purchase of the ticket!