2020-09-17 15:00


Számolj velünk vissza a kezdésig


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The first, formerly called “Kisüsti” Pálinka Festival was held in 2000 in Gyula, at a time when the real value of pálinka has not yet been acknowledged in the country. This festival, organized a decade and a half ago, was the first one to take up the promotion of Hungarian pálinka.

Gyula is the capital of pálinka, as this year, in the Castle courtyard, the festival is organized for the 21th time, between 23-25 April 2020. During these four days pálinka, the noble, unique Hungarian spirit is going to be in focus in Gyula. Pálinka is the national pride of Hungarians, Hungarian gastronomy cannot be imagined without this excellent unique ‘Hungarikum’.

The aim of the organizers is to provide an event both for visitors and professionals where Hungarian pálinkas are worthily represented. It is important for the consumers and producers to meet and get in contact, since this is the most ideal environment to get to know the producers of Hungarian pálinka and the fruit of their work.

One of the objectives of the festival organized in the Castle courtyard is to promote the moderate and responsible consumption of pálinka, broadening the scope of tourist offers, sights, and the cultivation of Hungarian gastronomic traditions.

The four-day event offers numerous programs for visitors: the most popular pálinka producers are the exhibitors at the venue, all offering different types of this noble spirit. This year a pálinka competition is also organized in three categories: commercial, distilleries for individual customers, and private distilleries.

The stage plays an important role during the festival as well, as the most prominent bands and performers of Hungarian pop music are going to have shows there.

23-24-25 April 2020 is the celebration of pálinka in Hungary!

It is a pálinka celebration that significantly contributes to the preservation of the value of pálinka as a ‘Hungarikum’.